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Services provided

lou Meeting your toughest requirements by following the new trends has become our goal. This is how we try to satisfy your needs in every personal moment, making it special and unique. We are here for you even for a plain bouquet or a synthesis till the most important moment of your life, your wedding and your children christening.                                                                                                                                                                       Philip Bosonis

Flower synthesis




Give joy by offering flowers and express your feelings in the kindest way. Make each moment special with flowers' perfume and delicacy.

Offer to your beloved ones special creations made of fresh flowers and plenty of inspiration and new ideas. Visit our shop and we will suggest you a gift full of colors and perfume.

Send flowers in special cases such us openings, making a surprise, a professional gift, an anniversary, or if you want just to say: "Thank you", "Get Well Soon", "I love you!", "I am sorry", "Congratulations", "Sympathy".
Gardening is one more service we provide. Willing to maintain a nice garden or roof garden we give our best not only to design one but to take care of it with advanced irrigation systems, lighting and fountains.

Α rich collection of plant species is available, some of which you can hardly find in the market. We always take into account our customers' desires as well as the climate of the area to get the perfect result in gardening.
ΒΟSONIS art & flower makes shippings for you in Athens, all over Greece or abroad, quickly, consistently, and last but not least at the best prices.

You can send flowers to your beloved ones and express your feelings in the best prices. E-shop will soon be available with recommendations for each case.

Floral arrangements in baskets and planters are ready to decorate any space.
Wedding & Engagement




We are here to fulfill your every wish for the flowers for your very special wedding day, which is to be the beginning of your new life, helping to make the day unforgettable. By giving you complete dedication and attention to detail to the flowers for your wedding day, we will ensure luxury and high design are used to produce the perfect flower arrangements the most important day of your life, your wedding day.

With our expert advice in designing flower arrangements we will create to your personal taste and style and this will be reflected in all flowers used at the service and at the reception.

We will ensure that we work with you so that everything combines with the colors and themes of the day using flowers that are full of life and vitality.
The Christening is the first official appearance of your little princess or prince and is a very special day. With our flowers we will help to make the Christening day perfect, and make the fairytale begin.

With color and imagination we will create flower arrangements, individual and unique, giving the purity suited to this divine Christening day.
Decorate your place with specially designed flower synthesis appropriate for each event.

Our creations vary from big flower arrangements and arches to the most distinctive decoration for small spaces. Make succesfull any kind of event such as openings, festivals, lectures, performances or family events by decorating the place in the most beautiful way.
Valentine’s Day




On February 14th we celebrate Valentine’s Day or according to Greek mythology, we celebrate Eros, the god of love. Eros was the son of Mars, the god of war and Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty. Being a fighter is a characteristic he inherited from his father in order to conquer the object of his desire. The ancients Greeks dedicated the red rose to Aphrodite so she made her son love the flowers too.

With flowers you speak straight from the heart, just a single red rose can send a silent message of love to your favorite person.

One of the most special blessings is to bring a new life into the world. You may express your wishes with a fresh bouquet of flowers, full of colors and joy for the newborn.

A synthesis of flowers, balloons and teddy bears in pink or blue could be composed, depending on your preferences and the message you wish to send.
Make your home or office more beautiful & fragrant with a Christmas synthesis.

Say "Merry Christmas" to your partners or beloved ones by offering a beautiful and jubilant Christmas synthesis.

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